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Get your kids involved with health eg. who ever makes the most creative fruit salad, wins! (x)

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Vegan Walnut Whip Banana Bites


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Food diary 23/7/14

Breakfast: natural yoghurt with strawberries, blueberries, and cinnamon, orange and passion fruit juice

Snack: 2 breadsticks with hummus

Lunch: a bacon sandwich (bacon cooked with 1 cal spray oil) on a wholewheat roll with light butter, orange and passion fruit juice, strawberries with a little bit of sugar, a slice of soreen

Snack: a smoothie from Pret (strawberry, blueberries, apple, acai berry, and chia seeds), and half a cheese and pumpkin seed cracker

Dinner: homemade macaroni cheese with fresh tomatoes

Snack: a nectarine and 2 small squares of chocolate ad a breadstick

Exercise: 40 minute dog walk